Sales & Management Program

According to the SEC’s Coaching Effectiveness Survey 2005, the Number 1 item to drive Sales Rep Performance is sales coaching. High potential, fast tracking sales managers and their teams need continued development in order to keep informed of current consumer behavior, and trends.

The MAP provides a variety of Sales and Management Programs that are geared and designed to shape and form innovation in Sales and Management technique for Peak Performance and Peak Performers!

Sales and Management Programs by The MAP provides coaching by an industry professional. This valued insight cannot be provided by direct company managers. The MAP allows executives, managers, and their staff to learn how to generation of leads, income, and increased business through organic mindset and brainstorming processes that work!

The MAP Sales and Management Programs Include:

  • Laddered Leaders: How To Grow Into Sales or Management Giant
  • Step Up Sales In Seven Steps
  • Speeding Up Time For Competency
  • Confidence: Gatekeeper to Success
  • Stars: How To Hire Stellar Sales Staff
  • Proactive Peak Performing
  • Leadership