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Teresa Brooks, The Mindset Architect©

Teresa Brooks, The Mindset Architect ®

Teresa Brooks is one of today’s leaders in  leaders in Peak Performance Sales Training, Management and Leadership development.  She frequently speaks and coaches companies and their leaders to higher heights, and increased revenues. Teresa advanced and progressed her career by studying under the best coaches, leaders, and mentors such as, Ted Waitt,  Tony Robbins, and Stedman Graham.

While many executives preach, “…Fill it.” Teresa Brooks and The MAP team have successfully gone against the grain and stated, “Don’t just fill it, Keep It Full,” creating a buzz of excitement that leads to positive change in the hearts and minds of all those impacted!

Brooks has traveled the world with many of today’s top speakers such as Tony Robbins, Stedman Graham, Eric Trump, and many of today’s known success speakers and multimillionaires. Those who have taken individual coaching sessions from Brooks consistently sing praises of Teresa Brooks and the MAP, stating that their lives have been, “forever changed!”

Teresa Brooks created The MAP program. Through study and application, Brooks, realized the need to focus on root causes, not dealing with after effects of poor sales or management. In this program, Teresa Brooks brings her years of experience in success coaching, corporate America, and sales to a package that is sure to enrich, enlighten, and bring about positive, lasting change.

There’s no other program like The MAP!